Grading, BIOS 100, Fall 2003

Section 20477, 11:00 - 11:50 am

Points in BIOS 100 may be earned in both the laboratory and for lecture examinations. Each hourly examination is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions and is worth a total of 100 points. The final examination is optional - if you choose to take the final, we will drop the lowest exam score. Note that there is no penalty for taking the final examination - if this is your lowest score, we will drop the final examination score. If you miss one of the four hourly examinations, you must take the final examination. The final exam is cumulative and will contain all new questions, which could possibly kill me.

Points are also earned through the completion of laboratory exercises. There are 14 laboratory exercises, each worth 10 points. You will be allowed to drop your lowest laboratory grade. If you miss a lab, you will be allowed to make it up only during the week in which it is offered. No makeups will be allowed after the labs are taken down for the week! 

There will also be online “quizzes” on blackboard. These will appear to be worth a variable number of points, but we will scale these down to 30 points. You may take each quiz more than once, and we encourage you to do so. They are meant more as a review than as an actual method of assessment. You are not cheating if you take them more than once. Please do yourself a favor and take these - they are an easy way to earn 30 points and hopefully learn something!

The final grade will be determined by the following grading scale:


500 - 560 A
450 - 499 B
400 - 449 C
350 - 399 D
    0 - 349 E

These point levels are guarantees - for example, if you earn 450 points, you are guaranteed a B. I will never raise the grading scale. However, at the end of the semester, I may lower it. Please don’t pester me too much about this - I won’t know if the scale will move or not until the end of the semester. 

All of your exam grades and laboratory exercise grades will be posted on the UIC Blackboard

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