Cells Laboratory

Bacteria Types

Bacillus (rod-shaped) bacteria

Coccus (sphere-shaped) bacteria

Spirillus (spiral-shaped) bacteria

Animal-Like Protists



Plant-Like Protists

Spyrgyra - note the spiral-shaped chloroplasts Volvox - note the daughter colonies

Living Cells

Human Cheek Cells Red Onion - note that the red coloration is contained within the central vacuole
Fresh Elodea - note the fully expanded central vacuole and the chloroplasts pushed to the edge of the cell wall Plasmolyzed Elodea - water has left the cell via osmosis and the plasma membrane has shrunk away from the cell wall

Human Histology

Human Nerve Smear Human Skeletal Muscle
Human Blood Human Bone
Human Cartilage

Connective Tissue - A tissue composed of living cells suspended in a non-living matrix.  In cartilage, the matrix is composed of stretchy chondrin fibers.  In bone, the matrix is the mineral hydroxyapatite, which is what gives the bone its rigidity.  In blood, the matrix is the liquid plasma