More Photosynthesis

Leaf AnatomyThe leaf is the primary photosynthetic organ of the plant Leaf Epidermal Anatomy Leaf Internal Anatomy

C3 Photosynthesis

The photosynthetic pathway we discussed in the previous lecture is known as the C3 pathway

C4 Photosynthesis - a Mechanism to Reduce the Effects of Photorespiration

Some plants have been observed to fix CO2 and initially form a 4-Carbon molecule.  What is up with that?
These same plants have an odd cross-sectional anatomy, called kranz anatomy (kranz is German for "wreath")

Cross Section of Zea mays displaying Kranz anatomy

C4 Photosynthesis

C4 Photosynthesis is found in many plants, mostly in drier climates

C4 plants are more efficient than C3 plants in hot, dry environments, but in moist or cold environments, C3 plants are more efficient

Carbon dioxide yield of C4 and C3 plants of open grasslands in different parts of the world

CAM Photosynthesis

As if C4 wasn't enough, there is yet another addition/modification to the typical C3 photosynthetic pathway, called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM)

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